Le Miccine has seven hectares of vineyards that surround the property. There are six clones of Sangiovese grapevines along with other complementary grape red varieties such as Malvasia Nera, Merlot and Colorino. Le Miccine also has a small plot of Vermentino to make white wine.

All the vines are trained in a trellised Alberello form which has a positive effect on the vegetative and productive balance of the grapevine.

Green cover has been established between the vineyard rows to have a degree of competition with the vines, to reduce erosion on the high slopes and to encourage a healthy microorganism biodiversity in the soil.

Le Miccine follows organic viticultural practices, which increase biodiversity and allow the vines to increase their natural defenses against pathogens.
The objective is to attain a balance that gives optimum grape quality. The key is flexibility since every vintage is different. It is essential to adapt every year to the different climate influences.


In the winery wines are carefully managed in stainless steel tanks until the fermentations end. The wines are all aged in French oak barrels or large oak casks for optimal wine and oak integration and balance. Le Miccine wines are produced exclusively from grapes grown organically on the property.

The wines are terroir driven for optimum expression of the estate's unique microclimate. Le Miccine mainly produces three red wines and makes a limited amount of white and rosé wines for guests and visitors.
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This wine is a fine example of Le Miccine wine style. The Chianti Classico is a crisp, vibrant and fruitful wine that is great with a wide variety of foods from asian style pork to a well prepared pasta dish. Blend of traditional Sangiovese, Malvasia Nera and Colorino grapes.


The Riserva is a sophisticated wine made from the best Le Miccine grapes. It is lively, complex and bold and is a wonderful companion to meat and game dishes. Blend of Sangiovese grape clones.


A wine that offers a different expression of the Chianti Classico territory. It is made with Merlot grapes and boasts fruit, full-body and great length. A perfect match with strong cheese or cream based dishes.


On the estate there are a few parcels of olive trees that permit Le Miccine to produce a small amount of Extra Virgin olive oil for guests and the tasting room. The olive trees strive in the same environment of the grapevines and are managed and pruned carefully to ensure good olive production.


Le Miccine Extra Virgin Olive Oil is locally pressed in the best manner to retain all its quality and nutritional aspects. The resulting olive oil is expressive with nutty flavours and a peppery after taste. It is the perfect companion to summer salads and as a condiment on meat, fish and soups.

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